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101 Life Coaching -Book Included

Elevate Your Life with Coaching: Paired with the Insightful Guidance of Our Empowering Book.

  • 1 h
  • 74 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

1 Hour Session Includes: 1. Prayer and Spiritual Support: • Begin and end sessions with a prayer, offering spiritual support tailored to their needs. 2. Guidance and Reflection: • Provide personalized guidance, helping clients navigate challenges and fostering self-reflection. 3. Trauma-Informed Coaching: • Approach sessions with a trauma-informed perspective, creating a safe space for healing. 4. Tools and Techniques: • Equip clients with practical tools and techniques to manage anxiety and depression in daily life. 5. Coping Strategies: • Develop coping strategies together, empowering clients to overcome past hurts and traumas. 6. Goal Setting and Progress Tracking: • Collaboratively set achievable goals and track progress, celebrating victories along the way. 7. Empowerment Through Faith: • Integrate faith-based principles to empower clients and strengthen their spiritual foundation. 8. Homework and Reflection Assignments: • Assign reflective exercises or practical tasks between sessions to reinforce learning and growth. 9. Customized Action Plans: • Develop personalized action plans that align with the client's journey and spiritual goals. 10. Encouragement and Positive Affirmations: • Regularly provide words of encouragement and positive affirmations to uplift and inspire.

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